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Glover & Riding have been crafting military uniforms since 1930 using only the finest cloths and techniques. During this time we have been appointed official tailors to many Corps and Regiments including The Parachute Regiment, The Royal Army Medical Corps, The Royal Army Dental Corps and Royal Army Chaplain’s Department to name but a few.

We also undertake precision work for Military Bands, the Judicial Sector, Lord Lieutenants, Private airline companies and many clubs and uniformed institutions.

Our tailors are all highly trained and understand the regulation and attention to detail required by the military. As well as manufacturing high quality Mess Dress and Ceremonial attire, we undertake a wide range of detailed alterations, be they simple adjustments or modifications to comprehensive renovations, such as conversion to Staff Officer (full Colonel and above) where appropriate.

Sadly as the size of the military continues to reduce accessories and accoutrements are not as widely available as they were in the past. Although not always held in stock, Glover and Riding take pride in sourcing quality accessories on request, particularly focusing on accessories and accoutrements for Staff Rank (Colonel – General).